General Boss Workouts FAQ’s

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1. Do I have to pay monthly for Boss Workouts?

[A] Once you buy a program you will only be charged once. There are no recurring payments with Boss workouts and the program stays in your account permanently.

2. Which program should I buy first?

[A] Completely up to you! Have look at the program guidelines and choose something that fits your goals.

3. What makes Boss Workouts so effective?

[A] We use cutting edge training techniques coupled with leading industry trainers to deliver the results you deserve.

4. Who makes Boss Workouts?

[A] Boss Workouts are a US and UK based team of dedicated fitness experts. We got fed up of cheap ineffective training programs so decided to change the game.

5. What do you get with Boss Workouts?

[A] Each Boss Workout program features a set of comprehensive video guides, fully loaded eBook and tailored nutrition plan. These are designed with your goal in mind by expert trainers and nutritionists.

6. Who are Boss Workouts for?

[A] Anyone who is looking for an effective, science based and results driven training program. We cover all the major goals you might have.

7. Do you need equipment for Boss Workouts?

[A] Boss Workouts does require you to be training in a gym stocked with all of the standard equipment. This ensures faster results.

8. What do you eat on Boss Workouts?

[A] We have a tailor made nutrition plan for each program.

9. How long do Boss Workouts take to finish?

[A] Each program takes around 12 weeks to complete. After this you can buy another program or simply restart the previous one.

10. Does Boss Workouts come in another language?

[A] Not yet. Due to all the videos being created bespoke for each program Boss Workouts is currently only available in English.

11. Can I download the Boss Workouts videos?

[A] No, the videos are not downloadable. But you can view them in your account at any time.

Account FAQ's

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1. I can’t login to my account, what should I do?

[A] Try and reset your password. If you are still having a problem you could try and refresh the page. If the problem still continues contact our customer support team.

2. Can I share my account with someone else who wants to do Boss Workouts?

[A] No. These programs have security measures in place to avoid multiple logins and sharing. Any persons caught doing this will have their account suspended and not be entitled to a refund.

3. The videos won’t play for me. What can I do?

[A] Try and refresh the account page and check your internet connection. If the problem is still happening switch browsers or device. Finally, try clearing your cache.

7. I need to change my account details

[A] You can change your details from inside your account page.

8. I have forgotten my password

[A] Password reset can be found underneath the password field on the login page. You will need your email and new password.

9. I need to speak to someone about my account

[A] You can contact our customer support team for any billing or account issues that aren’t answered above.

Boss Subscription FAQ’s

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1. How much does your subscription cost?

[A] You can get all 4 Boss products on a subscription basis for just £7.95 / €8.95 / US$9.95 / AU$13.95 per month.

2. How does the monthly billing work?

[A] Once you’ve purchased the subscription we will use the same card to debit the same amount every month. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you wish to cancel it.

3. How do I cancel my subscription?

[A] To cancel your subscription you will need to email [email protected] or fill out the form available here.