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Been training a while and not getting the results you’d hoped for? Or maybe your fat loss efforts are falling short? Soul destroying right? You put in the gym time, try and eat right, smash the cardio, yet your results are still shall we say, underwhelming.


Why is that? Simple. You’re not training the most effective way ... but that’s not your fault.

Building and shaping your physique quickly and effectively, into ‘not just good but amazing’, needs very specific expertise. And there’s a HUGE difference between DIY training and having true experts guiding you the whole way.

It really is the difference between reaching your goals in a few months, rather than years ... if at all

Unfortunately, hiring a top level personal training coach can cost a small fortune and is reserved for the celebrity elite. You’ve seen the amazing transformations of countless Hollywood stars, in a matter of a few short months, right? That’s what a top level coach can do for you.

And it proves categorically, that this epic level of physique transformation is possible and in a very short time, IF you have the right trainer.

Achieve your goals faster

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access that same level of expertise and completely transform your body in just 12 short weeks, without the 3 figure monthly bill?

Now you can, starting today
thanks to Boss Workouts.

Faster Progress

Boss Workouts is a premium video workout brand, aimed at people who have some experience working out, but are wanting to take their gains or fat loss results to the next level. However, if you’re a complete beginner and you’re raring to go, come on in. You may as well get it right first time.

Keep in mind though this is the real deal. You’ll need to join a gym or have a well-equipped home gym for Boss Workouts, as they’re not ‘In front of the TV’ type of courses. You need to be watching while you train with weights, but you can access the courses on a mobile, tablet or laptop, so it’s like your trainer is right there with you.

That’s one of the reasons why Boss Workouts are so effective. The other one is because we use a specific fitness expert for each of our cutting edge programs.

Meet your Trainer

For Boss Lean Mass and Boss Shred, our first two courses, Jason Sani, one of America's top fitness professionals will be training you. He has over 10 years experience in the Athletics and Sports Medicine industry and more importantly, he transforms physiques like a Boss!

He has a great training style and makes everything very easy to follow. You get all his experience from training countless people, helping you to finally break down your barriers and reach your goals.

Here are just some of the roles Jason has had in the fitness industry:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Coach
  • Nutrition Counsellor
  • Culinary Nutritionist
  • Researcher
  • Mentor
  • Educator
  • Event Speaker

Jason typically keeps his body fat at 8% ... all year-round, so he’s the real deal. Who knows, with training of this calibre, you may end up raising your goals.


So which Boss Workout course
is right for you?

Use Boss Workouts Lean Mass to push past your boundaries:

Boss Lean
Lean Mass

Pack on more size, lift more weight and actually see your progress in the mirror.

Get that full, balanced bodybuilder look, with size, shape and minimal fat gain.

Use Boss Workouts Shred to strip your fat and stay lean:

Boss Lean

Used by the pro’s to maintain year-long low body fat. Carve out your arms, abs, back and legs and attain that fitness model level of shred.

Eat nutritious, healthy food and see results without starving yourself and no more boring cardio.

With each of these high quality programs you get 12 – 15 videos, plus a detailed, step by step ebook explaining the workout. You also get an in-depth nutrition plan, so you’ll know how to train and what to eat over the 12 weeks.

In other words ... everything you need to build your dream physique in just 90 days.

Remember, these incredible programs are not taught by some armchair expert or gear using gym rat looking to make a fast buck. They are not recycled content which everyone else is selling.

They have been specifically developed at great expense by us and ONLY available through Boss Workouts

Boss Workouts are the real deal, bang up to date, professionally filmed and edited to ensure you get 100% from them. You are being trained by a world class professional and highly experienced trainer, who doesn’t just talk the talk, he also walks the walk.

The diet and nutrition plans alone are worth their weight in gold if you are serious about building your perfect physique.

His typical body fat is just 8%. That takes precise knowledge of both training and, nutrition, total commitment and a love of physique building, which he is passing on to you for an insanely low price.

Now you really can access the same knowledge as the celebrities pay a fortune for. And you’ve seen what these top level trainers are capable of in the media and on the big screen. That Hollywood look can finally be yours, without breaking the bank.

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Just to recap ...

The whole point of the Boss Workout courses is to transform your physique from average to amazing, whatever your goals are ... in only 12 weeks!

It will fly by. Stick to the plan, keep moving forwards and you’ll be amazed at the mass you can pack on or the fat you can shred.

Remember, the workouts are gym based but you can access the courses on a mobile, tablet or laptop. You can obviously watch them as many times as you need and we even have downloadable workout logs, making it easy for you to chart and track your progress over the 12 weeks.

If you’re going to train, make it count with Boss Workouts. In only 90 days time you could finally feel the joy of reaching your physique goals. And how great would that be?

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