In just 12 weeks time you can build slabs of head turning lean mass without adding unwanted fat.

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Finally love your physique with our
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Designed specifically to build lean mass, while minimizing fat

12 Weeks

Completely transform your physique in just 12 weeks


World class professional training coach demonstrates and explains every step


High quality video program and detailed diet and nutrition plan

Boss Lean Mass
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What’s the point of building the body of your dreams, only to hide it under a thick layer of fat?

You don’t just want to look bigger, you want to look lean, ripped and sexy, right?

Then you can enjoy looking great in whatever you wear, the admiring glances when you’re out, wowing in the bedroom and basking in the new found confidence having a body ‘to die for’ automatically gives you.

Boss Lean Mass delivers all that and more.

It’s specifically designed for one purpose ... to build slabs of mass, without covering you in slabs of fat. And that’s extremely difficult to achieve consistently, without having specific knowledge and lots of experience

Which is exactly where Boss Lean Mass comes in. Our world class training coach for this fat burning video program, is going to share his specific knowledge and experience with you, so you can transform your physique like a celeb.

Lean Mass

And it won’t cost you anywhere near what you’d expect to pay for coaching and results of this level.

So what is Boss Lean Mass exactly?

It’s a 12 week, muscle-building and nutrition program boasting high quality training videos and a full expert nutrition/diet plan, designed specifically to build a bigger, stronger and leaner you

Built on years of research, clinical studies and Jason’s years of in-the-field experience, this is a tried and tested muscle optimization program that supports:

  1. Larger, denser muscle:
    Pack on more size to your arms,
    legs and back.
  2. Improved strength:
    Lift more weight and see regular
    and impressive progress in
    the gym.
  3. A powerful physique:
    Get that full, balanced
    bodybuilder look, with both size
    and shape.
  4. Constant improvements:
    Achieve improved results with
    every single trip to
    the gym.
  5. Minimal fat gain:
    Increase lean muscle mass without
    having to 'bulk up' and adding
    unwanted body fat to get there.

Who's your Trainer?

Jason Sani is the presenter of Boss Lean Mass and one of America's top fitness professionals

With over 10 years experience in the fitness coaching industry, there is no better option than Jason to help you build real lean mass and bring out that bodybuilder's physique.

Jason’s incredible CV in the fitness industry shows his vast experience and why there’s no one better qualified to guide you quickly towards your lean mass goals:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Coach
  • Nutrition Counsellor
  • Culinary Nutritionist
  • Researcher
  • Mentor
  • Educator
  • Event Speaker

He is an expert on the whole health and fitness spectrum and is more than capable for ensuring maximum muscle growth from your workouts.

Phase 1
Strength Programming

This stage of Lean Mass revolves around core strength training but with a cutting edge approach. Too many people avoid this as it’s hard work, but the payoff is well worth it.

It can mean the difference between sailing through the rest of the program or succumbing to injury, which could derail you for months and destroy your motivation.

Successfully building mass quickly, requires a certain level of strength to lift weights which will push you past your barriers. Building strength first, also means your exercise form will be perfect and your training will be safer.

So Phase 1 focuses on the core strength exercises, which are the 'Big Three Lifts'; Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift.

These are the foundations to functional strength and Phase 1 will ensure you’re ready to get the maximum results from Phase 2.

Keep in mind that the bodybuilding greats have always focused on these ‘compound’ lifts, as they also help to add mass quickly and separate you from the stringy, pigeon chested wanna-be’s, who avoid them like the plague.

Compound lifts are the real mass builders as they use multiple joints, which means they hit multiple muscle groups in a single movement. They strengthen your muscle's supportive tissue, along with your body's central nervous system.

So you're reprogramming your body to handle heavier weights safely.

Heavy compound lifts also force your body to release more growth hormone, the body’s own rocket fuel for building mass. You aren’t going to get GH release from isolation exercises like Preacher Curls or the Pec Deck, but as they’re easy to do, the ‘Stringy’ brigade love them. Unfortunately for them, that’s exactly why they’re stringy.

Phase 1 concentrates on fast, explosive positive movements, with slower and controlled negatives and are lengthy workouts, but by the time you finish this stage, you'll feel stronger & look bigger already.

Simply put:

Heavy Weight + Low Volume = Maximum Strength

Phase 2
High Volume & Hypertrophy Work

Phase 2 is the opposite and complementary approach. Now you’ve built your core strength with Phase 1, these sessions are all about high volume reps and complete intensity.

This method focuses on muscle hypertrophy, which is the breaking down and growth of new muscle fibres. By doing more light, high volume exercises,

Phase 2 allows you to train your muscle groups from worked and developed.

That’s another problem with the wanna-be’s. They aimlessly lift, doing as few exercises and reps as possible, hoping it’s enough.

Sorry, but for real growth you need to hit your muscles from different angles, to recruit as many muscle fibres as possible.

Concentrating on form is key during this stage. Remember that Phase 1 really helps with having the core strength to keep consistent form throughout your workout.

You'll be focusing on hard squeezes at the top of movements, and achieving a full range of motion. Training this way is the difference between an

Average physique and one that turns heads. It's this attention to hypertrophy work that makes Phase 2 stand out the most.

Most muscle-building programs will focus on gaining size, and little else. Boss Lean Mass makes sure you get that perfect balance of both size, and shape for that ideal bodybuilder physique.

Additional Features of Boss Lean Mass.

Initial Power Day


The ‘initial power day’ is a method Jason uses at the start of every week, as it gets your body primed for the upcoming sessions.

The aim of this session is raw power and progress. It focuses on heavy weights, which primes your body into the optimal hormonal environment for maximum release of growth hormone, testosterone and muscle growth. The aim of these power days is to increase the weight you’re using by 5% every session. This constant progression will force your body into increasing more muscle mass and quickly adapt to high work loads.

Don't worry about over-training. Studies show that your muscles can recover fully and grow, within 72 hours of your workout. So you'll be training some muscle groups up to 3 times per week, for maximum lean gains, faster than you thought possible.

Finding the Right Weights


In order to make the best progress, you'll need to find weights for each exercise. In this Boss Lean Mass workout, you'll be pushing out higher reps for some, meaning you'll need smaller weights.

But how do you find the perfect weights? You should be struggling with your last two reps every set, so try out different weights until you find your perfect match. If a weight's too light, you won't be making as much progress.

Real growth comes when you push yourself to the point of ‘progressive overload’, meaning you are challenged to the point of fatigue in each set. THIS is what forces your body to not just repair muscle fibres as it recuperates, but to add more fibres, which is MASS

This is the body’s response to stress, just as a suntan is the response to burning your skin, to protect it next time. It’s simple biology, but overlooked by so many, or avoided as it takes effort every session.

This is for just 12 short weeks though remember. So just focus on your finished physique and the fun you’ll have showing it off and you’ll sail through it.

Your Workout Schedule


You'll get the easy to follow Boss Lean Mass workout plan and it's vital you stick to it.

Take a rest day when you need it, but pick up exactly where you left off, as skipping workouts will ruin your chances of sculpting a balanced physique.

Basically, every workout is important, even if you think lower power days aren't. You need to strengthen your supporting muscles, in order to become stronger in the gym and the stronger you get, the faster and more impressive results you can enjoy.



Taking rest days is essential when adding mass, as it allows your muscles and hormones a chance to recover from your intense workouts.

In fact, you shouldn't be choosing to take a rest day, you should need it. Simply put, you're not training at the intensity you need to, if you don't need to rest between your last chest & back day before a power day.

What about Cardio?


Keep cardio low intensity, so you still give your body time to repair and adapt to the heavy lifting. Never replace a workout with cardio, as ultimately, cardio interrupts your body's process of bulking up.

Just follow your Boss Lean Mass well-planned diet and focus on lifting weights, as this will ensure you stay lean and you can watch the magic happen.



This is vital, as you won't make any progress to your physique by ignoring nutrition, it's as simple as that.

We’ve put together a detailed nutrition plan with meal recipe examples. It’s very easy to follow, has vegan and vegetarian options and will get you the results you’re looking for.

It would be a shame to work hard in the gym, but see love handles instead of shredded abs. Follow the included well-planned diet, along with the Boss Lean Mass workout – and you'll see serious results.

Weekly Journal Review


One of the main keys to progress – logging your results.

Tracking your workouts is vital, so you know exactly how much progress you’re making and this will ensure that you put in maximum effort on a daily basis.

Ultimately, a log never lies, so it will allow you to judge your progress at the end of every week and see your lifts increasing. This alone can add a boost to your motivation, so don’t shirk filling in your training log.

As we've already mentioned, you should be aiming to increase the weight by 5% every workout. Push yourself to achieve this, and you'll make serious progress.

A log will also help you review your sleep and calorie intake, which are both key to developing your physique.

You need plenty of sleep, as that’s when your body both repairs AND releases growth hormone. Obviously your calorie intake is vital too, so keep a close eye on it and adjust to keep up with the plan.

Combining all aspects of your Boss Workouts correctly, while watching and adjusting what’s needed to ensure you’re on track, will all pay off when you reach your goals.

Ready to grow?

You really can achieve the physique of your dreams with Boss Lean Mass.

In 12 weeks from now you could be looking in the mirror, smiling from ear to ear, so proud of yourself for taking action right now and grabbing Boss Lean Mass with both hands.

12 weeks is just a blip in the big scheme of things. But the rest of your life is a long time to enjoy a physique you can be proud of. Make the commitment right now and you’ll soon realise it was one of the best decisions you ever made.

Remember, just stick to the plan, keep moving forwards and you’ll be rewarded with outstanding results in the mirror

Keep in mind the workouts are gym based but you can access the courses on a mobile, tablet or laptop. You can obviously watch them as many times as you need and we even have downloadable workout logs, making it easy for you to chart and track your progress over the 12 weeks.

Don’t waste your time on out-dated, inferior workouts. Make every rep count with Boss Lean Mass and in only 90 days you’ll finally have your dream physique. And all the confidence in yourself that will bring.

What is included in your
Boss Lean Mass purchase?

  • 10 Videos explaining the program. 90 minutes of footage in total
  • 93 Page e-book training guide
  • 73 Page e-book nutrition guide
  • 17 Page e-book recipe guide
  • Online body and nutrition calculation tools
  • Lifetime access

Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Boss Lean Mass is 4 weight training workouts per week, for 12 weeks
  • Your program is split into phases to accelerate results and cater for your new fitness levels
  • The content can be accessed through the website on any device
  • Boss Workouts Android and iOS apps to access the content anytime
Boss Lean Mass
Now Only : $90.00
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