Give Boss Shred just 12 weeks and you could have the sexy, shredded body you’ve dreamed of.

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Burn fat effectively with our pro coach developed program.


Designed specifically to burn fat and tone muscle

12 Weeks

Achieve that fitness model shredded look in 12 weeks


High quality video program and detailed diet and nutrition plan


World class professional training coach demonstrates and explains every step

What’s included?
  • 11 videos explaining the program. 88 minutes of footage in total
  • 111 Page e-book training guide
  • 75 Page e-book nutrition guide
  • 17 Page e-book recipe guide
  • Online body and nutrition calculation tools
  • Lifetime access

Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Boss Shred uses a 4 high-intensity resistance training workouts per week, plus HIIT cardio sessions, for 12 weeks
  • Your program is split into phases to accelerate results and cater for your new fitness levels
  • Contains multiple alternate programs to suit your needs type of gym you use
  • The content can be accessed through the website on any device
  • Boss Workouts Android and iOS apps to access the content anytime
Boss Shred
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Whatever your body type and size, if you want to look toned or ripped, you know you’re going to have to strip your fat.

Whatever your body type and size, if you want to look toned or ripped, you know you’re going to have to strip your fat. Because fat does a great job of blurring your physique, no matter how much muscle is hiding underneath.

You’ve worked hard for it and you obviously want others to see it, and that’s why you’re here.


And what better way to strip your fat than having a world class, professional training coach, show you the secrets of the celebrity physique transformation? Let’s face it, coach led training at this level is usually confined to the rich and famous, but that’s exactly the quality you get with Boss Shred.

It’s a high quality, very detailed video program and complete 12 week diet and nutrition plan, designed and presented by a world class training and diet coach.

And that’s all it takes to complete this intensive, goal smashing program. Just 12 weeks. For results you previously thought you’d never achieve.
So what is Boss Shred exactly?

Boss Shred is a complete 12-week fat loss transformation program 10 years in the making. It’s presented by the world class fitness professional Jason Sani, who also developed the program.

Boss Shred is the only fat loss program on the market that supports:
  1. Achieving Elite-Level Body Fat Levels
    This very fat loss program is used by professionals to maintain year-long
    low body fat. (In fact Jason usually carries just 8% body fat!)
  2. The Ultimate Lean Physique
    Carve out your arms, abs, back and legs and attain that fitness model level of shred
  3. Fast Tracking Your Transformation
    Dramatically reduce your body fat and improve your physique in just 12 weeks.
  4. Constant improvements:
    Eat good, healthy food and see results without starving yourself.
  5. Minimal fat gain:
    Boss Shred harnesses the latest in fat loss science, as opposed to the out-dated methods of spending hours on a treadmill.
Meet the trainers
Lee Bell
Lee Bell
Country UK
Specialist in Physiology, Strength, Research
Lee Bell has played a key role in fitness education, sports science, biomechanics, and physiology for the better part of a decade.
Jason Sani
Jason Sani
Country US
Specialist in Nutrition, Performance, Personal Training
Jason Sani is a CrossFit athlete, entrepreneur, culinary nutritionist, and fitness guru - having trained thousands of people over his years within the fitness industry.
How does Boss Shred work?

Boss Shred is so effective because it activates 3 very important functions in your body, essential for fat burning:

Improved Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Ramping up your metabolism to burn more calories, even when resting.

Insulin Sensitivity

Makes your body more efficient when it comes to utilising food efficiently. Higher insulin sensitivity teaches your body to store excess carbs as muscle-fuelling glycogen instead of fat.

Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption

Forces your body to require more oxygen to recover after a workout, which increases your metabolism dramatically for up to 36 hours after exercise.

The program is delivered as an easy to follow two-phase plan.

Each phase takes just a week to complete, and is cycled, upping the intensity each time you revisit a workout for maximum results:

Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 have a total of 4 workouts each; 2 Full Body (or HIRT days), and 2 Focus days, all specifically designed to push your body into maximum fat burning mode.

You’ll also get additional extras you can add into the routine, which help to maximize fat loss if you’re in a hurry, and also to stimulate recovery.

So, what’s actually involved?

Here's a break down and what you can expect from Boss Shred:

High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT)

High Intensity Resistance Training is essential for rapid fat loss. These are some of the most effective parts of Boss Shred and are used regularly throughout the program.

They are short bursts of intense exercise, where you need to give 100% effort for as long as possible. HIRT is great at delivering EPOC and burning a lot of stored fat.

Full Body Workouts

This is a full, comprehensive workout that works all the muscle groups in the body. It allows you to train fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are the areas you use for sprinting and high intensity.

It's a similar approach to your HIRT sessions, but via a different delivery method. It again helps to increase your overall EPOC, and allow your metabolism to soar, forcing fat burning over the days that follow.

Focus Days

The focus days concentrate less on fat burning, and more on the toning and sculpting of your overall physique.

Focus days work closely with the slow-twitch fibers in your body, which are responsible for endurance. In these sessions, Jason trains you to squeeze the muscle, working it from all angles to achieve that developed, balanced growth.

That way, when you’ve burnt your fat, you'll reveal your great looking, shredded physique

High Intensity Interval Training (Optional)

Depending on your progress, there are also 2 additional HIIT cardio sessions you can add into each week of the program.

This is only recommended for those who are on a tight schedule for getting as lean as possible. If you're entering into a bodybuilding competition, or preparing for a fitness model shoot – this part of the program is a must.

It is incredibly physically demanding, and not recommended until you've been using the program for a few weeks at least. But the results? Wow!

Low Intensity Steady-State Cardio (LISS) (Optional)

Low-intensity cardio is an effective way of increasing daily calorie burn with little to no effort. A half hour block of walking or moderate cycling boosts energy expenditure and fat burning without a spike in heart rate or exertion.

LISS training is also great active recovery tool. Low impact work helps to increase blood flow, deliver nutrients to muscle tissue and speed up healing. It also gives you an opportunity to clear your mind, focus on your goals and zone in on your next workout. LISS provides an escape from more challenging elements of Boss Shred.


Additional Features of Boss Lean Mass

Initial Power Day
Weekly Journal review

One of the main keys to progress – logging your results.

Tracking your workouts is vital, so you know exactly how much progress you’re making and this will ensure that you put in maximum effort on a daily basis.

Ultimately, a log never lies, so it will allow you to judge your progress at the end of every week and see your lifts are increasing. This alone can add a boost to your motivation, so don’t shirk filling in your training log.

A log will also help you review your sleep and calorie intake, which are both key to developing your physique.

You need plenty of sleep, as that’s when your body both recovers and repairs. Obviously your calorie intake is vital too, so keep a close eye on it and adjust to keep up with the plan.

Combining all aspects of your Boss Workouts correctly, while watching and adjusting what’s needed to ensure you’re on track, will all pay off when you reach your goals.

Initial Power Day

This is vital, as you won't make any progress to your physique by ignoring nutrition, it's as simple as that.

We’ve put together a detailed nutrition plan with meal recipe examples. It’s very easy to follow, has vegan and vegetarian options and will get you the results you’re looking for.

It would be a shame to work hard in the gym, but see love handles instead of shredded abs. Follow the included well-planned diet, along with the Boss Lean Mass workout – and you'll see serious results.

Is it easy to follow?

Firstly it’s a doddle to access on your computer, tablet or mobile, so you can take your training coach to the gym. Log-in and you’re taken to the Boss Shred Portal.

In there, all the sessions are clearly numbered and labelled. Click on the workout you are up to, and let

Jason guide you through it, as he performs the exercise. Diet plans are simple to follow and are designed to boost your results further still.

You can obviously re-watch any part of it any time you want and downloadable workout logs are included to track your progress.


Only 12 Weeks Commitment, Easy to Follow, Amazing Results...
And Affordable

The great thing about the Boss Shred program isn't just the results it brings in the gym, it’s the price. It’s such a tiny investment for what you get.

Think about it. The average gym personal trainer roughly costs between $50 - $100 per session.

If you hired a personal trainer to run you through the Boss Shred program it could cost you anywhere between $2,400 to $4,800! But we’re not asking anywhere near that...

In fact the complete pro designed and presented Boss Shred program, including the full 12 weeks of professional training, including 4 sessions a week, extensive diet plans and downloadable workout logs, can be yours in the next 5 minutes

All for a one-off fee of £129.00, and you can access these sessions as many times as you want.

So if you want to achieve that fitness model level of lean, Boss Shred is the most efficient and researched workout program to help you achieve your goal in just 90 days.

Boss Shred
  £129.00 Boss Shred Lifetime Access
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